BBQ & Bluegrass Fest Fundraiser


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Bangalow BBQ & Bluegrass Festival...what an awesome day!!  50 BBQ’s pushing out punishing aroma’s, great music and an amazingly successful fundraising day for our museum. Hot sellers were the fruit salad cups and scones with jam and cream and icey cold milkshakes! Thanks to all our supporters and the BEAUTiful dedicated vollies (some pictured below). We’ll be sure to be there next year… with even more bells on!

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the voluntarily beaming faces of Mary W, Steph K, Wendy G & Trisha B.


photo credits: Lyn from Niche Pictures








Book launch evening


 John Newton in conversation with Pam Brook

John Newton in conversation with Pam Brook




 Heritage House hosted a Book launch for “The Oldest Foods on Earth” by John Newton.  Brilliant original recipes from book the book were prepared and a fascinating conversation made for a delightful and cosy evening.

photo credits: Christina de Water


Our thriving house…

Whilst writing up our bi-monthly newsetter for June/July we surprised ourselves with the lengthy list of our goings on… well, what we could remember:

Book Launch
: The Oldest Foods on Earth
Elders real estate held a property auction
Contributed to the biggest morning tea held by the Bangalow Quilters
Catered for two funerals and two littlies birthdays, 90th birthday celebration- Elsie Lewis and another 60th birthday to come, also hosting a High Tea Baby shower for 50.
Taylors wine tasting organised by Bangalow Wine Cellars

Catered function fundraising at Gretel farm B&B with classical music treat
Venue Visitors included: Regional doctors workshop meeting, Local ‘pickers’ dinner, Mental Health professionals network, The Byron Bay Community Transport, Friends of the Koala/landcare group run by council, Byron Feros care luncheon, St Carthages aged care, bangalow landcare AGM.
…. chocolate! workshops and tastings coming up for  july/august. An exhibition will run concurrently to make chocolate hugely educational !
Delicious Pop Up Breakfaste with Flea Market/Garage Sale
Work shop– Anita and Wendy are off to New Italy to attend a 3 day Mosaic collection software workshop.
Research Property history projects: Bangalow guest house, and two private Bangalow houses.
Grant from state government is in the pipline for building development to expand museum exhibition space.
Also, new signage:
  Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.27.57 pmThe Historical Society Committee has discussed and agreed to update signage to lead people to our great facility, which lead to a discussion on the entire branding for the museum. “Heritage House, cafė-museum-shop”  has been chosen to simplify what we do and who we are.

Australia Day & 21st Birthday celebrations

A spirited gathering of our Bangalow community came together on Australia day afternoon to celebrate this special day. All enjoyed our beautifully cooked lamb on the spit by Rex and Patrick and of course in Heritage House tradition no celebration is the same without our beautiful desserts. Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 8.00.27 am   All sang a boisterous ‘happy birthday’ as we cut into our cake with our lifetime member Margaret Browne doing the honors. Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.20.40 am





Our afternoon was spent singing along with the Northern Rivers Ukulele Orchestra, and all voices were in fine form!

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Trish and Wendy, well earned fun

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.40.26 am

Faasao, Anastasia, Julian & Ethan Bleakley enjoying the day