Our Museum

  • Historic photos of Bangalow, its people and surrounds
  • Relics, treasures and oddities
  • Research the history of prominent local families
  • Collection of books on the district
  • Slideshows running on the big screen


Bangalow Historical Society Inc.

The Bangalow Historical Society Inc was founded in 1992 and is a fully incorporated society affiliated with the Royal Australian Historical Society and Museums Australia.  The Society’s museum building was officially opened on Australia Day 1995 and is located next to the parklands in Deacon Street, Bangalow.

The Society’s Mission Statement

The Bangalow Historical Society Inc seeks to represent a vital part of the village of Bangalow and its surrounding district by providing a focus for issues of heritage and history.  We seek to establish, preserve, research, interpret and exhibit a collection of photographs, objects and documentary material of the history and development of the 2479 area.

The purpose of this collection is for the enrichment, education and enjoyment of our community, their descendants and visitors.  The Bangalow Historical Society Inc encourages a growing interest in  Bangalow’s past and present history through the development of ongoing exhibitions to encourage access by both the local and wider community.


Current Office Holders

President: Rita Cowled




Committee Members:

Curator: Wendy Grissell